November 28, 2020

Sutra 1.51: Time to Relax


Samadhi Pada: Yoga of Being in the Now
    1.51 Tasyapi nirodhe sarva nirodhan nirbijah samadhih
    • tasya = from this / even which
    • api = even / also
    • nirodhe = regulate / control
    • sarva = everything / all
    • nirodhan = restraint of / controls
    • nirbijah = the highest level / the most subtle form of samadhi
    • samadhih = goal of yoga / being in the now / enlightenment
We've come to the end. The very last sutra in the first pada (book/section/chapter). In these last few sutras, Patanjali works to convey the idea of what is available for any and all if we do the work to strip away the layers to reveal our own central goodness and reach the state of samadhi or being in the now. This sutra is a way to circle back to the beginning. Sutra 1.1 said "yoga begins now," sutra 1.2 said "yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind" and after going through a whole journey of exploration and insight, this last sutra says "the highest state of being in the now results from the deepest surrender"

According to last week's sutra, if we do the work, we will get to a state where we will be able to see past our limiting stories and recognize our truly brilliant selves. Past this point, the only thing left to do as Osho paraphrases is to "relax; the search is over. In that relaxation comes the moment of inner tuning with the cosmos" This last stage is so subtle and is nothing we can force or "do' ourselves into. It's like the difference between seeing an amazing sunset and noticing not only the vibrant colours but also the different textures. It's moving past the connection with ourselves, to a connection with the universe and realizing we actually ARE the universe.

So, your challenge this week is to relax and realize that at a certain point the only way to move further is to do nothing, absorb what you've learned from your experiences and trust that the further magic will happen from there. 

Sutra 1.51 When even the need to control everything is restrained, 
from this, there is the highest level of being in the now.

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