October 24, 2020

Sutra 1.45: The Meaning of Life

Samadhi Pada: Yoga of Being in the Now

    1.45 Suksma visayatvam ca alinga paryavsanam
    • suksma = subtle
    • visayatvam = object / essence or nature of an object
    • ca = and
    • alinga = unmanifested form / not tangible / undifferentiated
    • paryavasanam = ending / final stage or destination / ends there 

L i f e    h a s    n o    m e a n i n g!
How about that for getting your attention?
What kind of bummer is that for a Sunday morning?

But . . . . what if I told you this isn't another 2020 bombshell but actually a statement of power and hope? Stay with me for a moment.

The last few sutras (1.40-1.44) have involved Patanjali providing a step-by-step breakdown of what happens in meditation if we are able to maintain our focus on one thing. Basically, what we become aware of in that one thing will become more and more and more and more and more . . . . . . . (you get the idea) . . . . subtle. Today's sutra, sutra 1.45, tells us that by maintaining this focus, we eventually get to the most subtle layer/level where we are left with . . . . . N O T H I N G. We went from seeing this one thing (let's say we're meditating on a plant) as this thing that takes up our whole focal point. We see it, sense it, feel it, take it in, embody it, etc. But by the end of our meditation and focus on it, it has been reduced to nothing. What if we do the same thing by meditating/focusing on our life? This thing that means everything and takes up all of our awareness, eventually becomes nothing.

Now as human beings, we often tend to associate the idea of endings and nothing as it. The end. Done. Finished. But this sutra is telling us that E V E R Y T H I N G is created from nothing. Everything that exists, from a physical object to a dream to a thought to an idea, came from the emptiness of nothing. Before you were here, your mother simply dreamed of you, and before that, there wasn't even an idea of you. There was only nothing. It's in the subtlety of this nothingnesses that everything is born. You, your thoughts, your ideas, your beliefs, your habits, your intentions, your commitments, your perceptions, your choices, etc. It's in this nothingness that you have the opportunity and power to create your life. Sutra 1.45 tells us that this practice and system of yoga directs and guides us into this state of nothingness in order to see exactly who and what we are and the immense power that we have resting inside of us. 

One thing > NoThing > EveryThing 

Jim Fortin says "Your life has no meaning except the meaning you give it."
Your challenge for this week is to simply ask and reflect on the following question . . . . .  What meaning am I choosing to give to my life? 
(helpful tip -  in case you feel weighted down by the true responsibility of this question, remember that if ever the answer comes up that you don't quite feel comfortable with, YOU have the power to change it. How powerful is that?!) 

Sutra 1.45 And the final stage of the subtle object is the unmanifested form.  

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