June 27, 2020

Sutra 1.29: Clear the Clutter

"Everything in life is vibration."
- Albert Einstein

Samadhi Pada: Yoga of Being in the Now

    1.29 Tatah pratyak cetanadhigamo pyantarayabhavas ca
    • tatah = from this 
    • pratyak = the inner
    • cetana = true self / awareness
    • adhigamah = realization / gain
    • api = also
    • antaraya = obstacles
    • abhava = disappearance / elimination / removal
    • ca = and / also

We all have our own journey in this life which means we all have different struggles, obstacles and lessons that we are given the opportunity to learn and master. My life has always somewhat had a semblance of stability, yet at the same time there always seems to be an element of limbo which brings with it uncertainty and unknown. This perceived inability to have control and to just know has caused me various levels of anguish throughout my life. So, these last few sutras and this path that Patanjali has laid out has given me some sense of comfort.

Sutra 1.29 rounds out the path that Patanjali introduced starting in sutra 1.23 - the practice of surrender and letting go of the illusion of control. To recap, sutras 1.23-1.26 dealt with the concept/idea/energy of something more than us referred to as Ishvara while sutras 1.27-1.28 introduced the practice of chanting AUM to connect to and tap into the power and peace of Ishvara. Continuing to get straight to the point, this week's sutra (1.29) talks about what we can expect from this practice of working with the vibration of AUM. According to Patanjali, the benefits are twofold and include:
  • obstacles to your path and practice will be removed
  • you can tap into your true self     

If you're wondering about the obstacles, don't worry . . . . Patanjali will tell us exactly what they are in the next sutra (which we'll look at next week). However, once these obstacles have been overcome, there's nothing but space left to see ourselves as the majestic beings that we really are. AUM directs the mind to a single focus to allow us to do this, but it also holds the energy and vibration of Ishvara that asks us to let go. "Everything in life is vibration" AUM is simply the energy that has the power to clear the noise from the lower, conflicting vibrations.

Surrender, trust and know that all is well, all is as it should be and we are already exactly who we are supposed to be. Yoga isn't easy, it involves work, but I so appreciate the simplicity of this practice and it's teachings. Your challenge for this week (choose one or all) is to let go of the illusion of control, chant AUM while embodying all that it means, and trust that beneath all the "noise" you are simply a beautiful shiny bright light! 

Sutra 1.29 From this practice (chanting AUM) awareness turns 
inward and obstacles are removed revealing the true self.

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