August 26, 2019

The Magic of Endings

Yoga's true value is applying the practice and lessons learned on the mat to daily life. Yoga may have physical aspects, but essentially it's a practice of living well and training the mind to help do that. I've been working hard to take my teachings to heart as I navigate through uncharted territories and unsteady waters. A large part of my practice lately has been shifting from perceiving endings as something final and difficult to infusing them with gratitude and seeing the power in letting go. My mantra has become "Endings ARE Beautiful," and I've discovered a magic to endings that I've never experienced before. 

I've witnessed how endings force the bullshit to drop away. My strengths and weaknesses in how I deal with change has become glaringly obvious. My reactions and responses aren't always pretty and are sometimes not my proudest moments. But, it has directed me to work towards becoming more understanding to how others react in the face of changing situations and circumstances. I've discovered helpers, supports, empaths and sensitives, and those who simply need time and space before they can positively react, adjust and be present. We're all involved in this work of yoga and life to simply observe, then reflect and work to do better next time.

I've learned the power of 'Yes' when it is sometimes my tendency to say no. Yes to being present and taking in the moment and the people in front of me instead of worrying or obsessing about what's to come. Yes to stepping outside of my comfort zone. Yes to openly letting the tears flow and being vulnerable (though, I'll admit this yes has been very much out of my control!). Yes to letting go of control! Yes to offers of help, expressions of love and opportunities to spend time together. I've found within all of these yesses lie discovery, meaning and connection.

I've discovered that there are 'good' endings that provide a sense of closure and 'not as good' endings which don't. A good ending, for me, includes letting people who have impacted me know how important they have been and how much they have helped me to love, connect and grow. So, I hope you ALL know how truly important you are to me and how much you have shaped me as a teacher and a person. I am grateful for this opportunity we've had to journey together in our practice. I thank you for your presence, your openness, your support, your friendship and your willingness to regularly spend time, love and space with me. Yoga means connection, and you have all helped me to discover this in a way I haven't experienced before.

Thank you all for everything over these past few years!! I'm changing my perspective on endings and not seeing this as final. I know I will be back (and 100% promise to visit) and if anyone is ever in my area (whether Kelowna, or wherever else I may end up) know that you will always be welcomed with open arms!!!

Love you all,

PS. I tried to connect and get pics with as many of you as I could before I left. Know that if for whatever reason I missed you, you are still an important part of my journey! If anyone wants a copy of our pic together or to simply stay in touch, message me anytime via email (, FB Messenger or instagram

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  1. Endings are beginnings of a new chapter. This isn’t a goodbye but a different format to see one another grow, meet new people and have deep meaningful journey with those that cross your path along the way! You have a beautiful way of touching people, I look forward to seeing all the new adventures, friends and connections you make along the way!