March 10, 2017

Yoga Nidra to Express Joy

This week in classes we did some work with the sacral chakra, also known as Swadhistana in Sanskrit.  This energy centre is where we work on dealing with and feeling our emotions . . . . . ALL emotions . . . in order to help us let them go and get those energies moving.  Working with the emotional body and really feeling our postures physically, as well as emotionally, was the focus for the majority of my classes this week.  To learn more about Swadhistana, there are a number of past posts that introduce various aspects of this energy centre.  This week's yoga nidra practice focuses on bringing up, experiencing and feeling the emotion of joy.  Who doesn't want more joy in their lives?  

"Yoga Nidra - known as yogic sleep - is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation."  You can have various reactions when practicing yoga nidra.  I tend to mostly become so relaxed that I drift off into sleep, but I've also occasionally become so agitated that it was difficult for me to stay still for the period of time I needed to be still to complete the practice.  Other people experience physical sensations or have vivid inner images.  As is common in a yoga practice, no two practices are the same and different things can be experienced on different days, so feel free to come to this 30 minute recording more than once. 

Enjoy and happy JOY filled journeying ❤️


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