March 02, 2017

Coming This Spring

I love being a student.  I love taking courses and going on retreats and taking trainings.  I love learning about new things and acquiring more knowledge, especially if it has anything to do with yoga, energy, or mental work.  However, 2017 has been asking me to step even more into the role of teacher and leader.  Yes, I have taught for many years in different forms, but opportunities have been showing up that are telling me it's time to really share all of the teachings and knowledge and skills that I have acquired over more than a decade that make up my personal practice.  It's with this awareness that I'm excited to share that I am partnering with Salli Siewert to offer a yoga teacher training this spring/summer.  

If you are interested in teaching yoga, this might appeal to you.  Even if you're not interested in teaching, but want to learn more about the system of yoga and deepen your practice, this also might appeal to you.  The first teacher training I ever attended, I had no intentions to teach afterwards, and I didn't.  I simply took what I learned and deepened my own personal practice and experience.  One of the goals for this training is to delve deeper, not only into yoga, but also into yourself.  Yoga in the west may be focused on the physical and as much as I love the physical practice, true yoga is about discovering who you truly are at your core.  So, deepening your physical practice, but also exploring your inner world is what we will be working on in this training.  Developing and discovering a strong, solid, foundation both within your practice and within yourself is what will allow you to find your authentic voice and teaching style.  

Salli and I have a lot of knowledge and experience between the two of us.  We have different teaching styles and different personalities, but compliment each other quite well (I could be biased!)  In some ways she is the yang to my yin.  A big part of my training, and my philosophy in teaching is the development and trust of your own inner teacher and authentic style.  With two trainers, it's easier to see this in action.  We would love to share this experience with you this spring.  If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me, or you can contact Salli at Yoga You4ia.  If you're a "heck yeah" and ready to commit, click here to fill out the application form.

Whether or not we see you at the training, we are always excited to connect with you on our mats.  See you then!

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