February 16, 2017

Sharing Is Caring

I am someone who has had a few different "lives" in regards to a career. I was reflecting on it today, and even though at times I felt a bit concerned about jumping around, there was always a common theme through all of my work. I am a teacher/instructor/facilitator/guide and all of my jobs involved this element. Growing up in a family of a couple generations of elementary school teachers, the last thing I EVER wanted to do was teach. I tried as hard as I could to not be a teacher, but the ironic thing I've learned along the way is that instructing is one of my strengths. Oh life . . . . sometimes you can be so funny!

I was also always lucky enough to work in areas that I deeply care about and allowed me to feel like I was making some kind of difference. Health and wellness, education and multiculturalism/immigration are areas and issues that have been very important to me from the time I was young, and I feel honoured that I have had the chance to work in all three. Next week I have the opportunity to combine two of these areas and am so excited to be presenting at the Southeastern Alberta Teachers' Convention on breathwork.  

Coming from a family of public school teachers and having spent time in the system myself, I understand the stresses and pressure that teachers experience. People who are not in this field or don't know anyone directly in this field really have no idea! I'm looking forward to sharing the tool that, for me, helped to exponentially open up not only my yoga practice, but also my life as a whole. My yoga training was largely based in the area of breathwork, and I came out of my training stronger than I've ever been physically, emotionally and mentally. I'm hoping to pass along this simple tool that may help others in their journey to being well.  

If you are a public school teacher in Southeastern Alberta and this is something that interests you, or you have colleagues who may be interested, come by to see me next Thursday. You can go to the Southeastern Alberta Teachers' Convention Association for more details or feel free to connect with me at any time. Looking forward to seeing you on your mat or at the convention :)                         

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