December 31, 2016

Thank You 2016

One of my practices over the last few years has been to choose a word or phrase that I would either like to see for the coming year or I just feel is appropriate for whatever reason.  This tradition for me started at the end of 2012 which was a particularly rough year for me.  At that time, I was more than happy to say goodbye to a year that had caused a lot of pain, confusion and had me questioning a lot of things about myself and about my life.  It was from this place of feeling stuck and trapped that I started a few practices that have stuck with me over these years.  The first was a 5 year journal which I was hoping would help me to see that even if things appeared to be the same, they really did in fact change.  The second, within this journal, was a word for the year.  In 2012 I let go of making resolutions and instead just threw out a word/phrase of what general feeling or mood I hoped the year would bring.  I'm not sure if I did this every year, but this year I totally forgot about this word until today as I start to make my way to the end of my journal.  

In 2015, I wanted 2016 to be a year of connection.  Though this word was forgotten, it appears to have sunk in and brought me exactly that.  This year has been a year where I have felt more connected to people, places and things than I have in awhile.  I reconnected with a few friends who I haven't seen in years, deepened my relationship with others, and developed new ones along the way.  I got to connect with many, different, wonderful people almost daily through teaching classes, taking classes and being classmates with those from different backgrounds and countries.  I came to fully realize and appreciate my super powers of touch, gentleness and calm.  I took many flights and visited places I've been to and those that were new to me, and I got to spend time in an area of the world that always feels totally and completely like home to me in a way that my place of birth never has.  I connected and got to interact with giant creatures on land and mysterious creatures in the sea.  And, I felt connected to something more than me.  This year I always felt taken care of, looked after and, despite my sometimes worrying, monkey mind, provided for with everything I ever needed.  Needless to say, I feel fortunate and grateful for the amazing year that has passed.  Thank you 2016! 

So, what's my word for 2017?  One did come to me, but I feel like I want to spend this day reflecting on, honouring and letting this current year fully come to a close before I enter the new year.  So . . . check back next year for my 2017 word :)  This one's for you 2016!

Do you have any New Year's traditions or practices that you will be taking part in today?      

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