September 25, 2016

Slow Burn

Moving from earth to water to fire. All of my classes this week will be focused on the element of fire and the third chakra. Physically, the area of the body associated with this chakra and element is the core. Manipura, or the solar plexus chakra, is very much about passion, determination and personal power.  Manipura loosely translates as “city of jewels,” and it is where our self-confidence, will power and clarity reside. It is the core where we build up our heat and where our strength, both physical and mental, radiate out from. There’s sometimes this misconception with the element of fire that in order to build heat and strength, we need to be continually moving at a quick, intense pace. Though this type of momentum does serve a purpose in some situations, it is ultimately unsustainable. True power often resides in going slowly, becoming focused and attaining true clarity. Even as we slow down, we still build heat and strength, and in fact often slowing down can be more intense and challenging both physically and mentally. So, focus this week will be on activating the core of the body, but also on slowing EVERYTHING down to build and maintain that heat, fire, light and personal power within the body and mind. Join me this week to help fan your flames and/or use the following techniques to build up your fire and shine your light.         

September 18, 2016

Feel Flows

This week we're moving away from the solidity of the earth element to the flowing, fluidity of the water element.  All of my classes this week will focus with the area of the body associated with the water element . . the hips and pelvis.  The energetic centre or chakra associated with this element and body part is Swadhisthana or the sacral chakra.  Swadhisthana loosely translates as "one's own abode."  It's where we feel most comfortable in our own skin.  It is often also referred to as the pleasure centre.  Are you not happiest when you can truly be who you are?  In order to get to this place, however, sometimes we have to work through those feelings and emotions that aren't so pleasant.  The hips and pelvis are commonly referred to as the junk drawer of the body where we store those emotions, experience or traumas that we can't deal with at the time, or we don't know what to do with.  This is were the water element comes in.  Using the breath and movement to help those things that are stuck to get moving or flowing until little by little we pick away at them, experience them and finally let them go.  Feeling the flow of all emotions, both those we label as pleasant as well as those that we associate with unpleasant, helps to create space and clear out that junk drawer.  Come see me sometime this week to get the body moving and flowing and/or use the techniques below to work on your own specifically with this energy centre.

September 11, 2016

Get Grounded

This week, we’re directing our focus and practice to the first chakra or Muladhara.  Muladhara means root support and is about getting grounded, and feeling secure and supported where we are.  All of my classes this week will focus on this energy center through the earth element.  Whether you are able to come see me in class this week or not, I’m including below a couple of different practices that you can do to feel more grounded and centered.  As the chakra energy centers affect us both mentally and physically, let’s focus on different ways that we can reach both.

September 07, 2016

Why I Do What I Do

One of the first classes I taught when I began teaching yoga was as a substitue teacher for an Ashtanga based class.  Prior to this, I had only taught a couple of Chakra karma classes at this particular studio in order to get experience and see if this “yoga teaching thing” was something I really wanted to do. When one of the students arrived, she saw me sitting behind the desk, asked if I was subbing and then said “You’re not doing any of that chakra stuff, are you?” (clearly not wanting to be involved in practicing any of that “chakra stuff").  First, I assured her that for an Ashtanga based class I would be teaching Ashtanga and that I had a strong background in this style of yoga.  After she was satisfied and had headed into the studio, I started to feel a bit offended.  She had been to one of my karma classes, didn’t she see how wonderful and holistic this practice is?  As I reflected further, I realized she had every right to this opinion.  Hadn’t I been to classes that didn’t resonate for me?  Hadn’t I tried different practices and teachers that I didn’t enjoy for whatever reason?  I had finally found my path.  I was discovering more and more what brought me to life, but it didn’t mean that it was everyone else’s path or that it would have the same effect on them.