September 28, 2015

Fanning the Flames

This week we’re bringing our attention to the third chakra which is also referred to as the solar plexus chakra or Manipura (lustrous  gem).  Manipura is that shiny core of our being where our true power resides.  It’s about having the courage to trust our gut and follow our own instincts because we know that this internal knowing is more valuable than any external validation we may receive. This chakra addresses self-perception issues such as personal power, inner drive or willpower.  It is associated with the energetic, dynamic, transformative element of fire.  So, manipura is about finding that spark of passion within us that makes us want to move forward and do what we need to do to reach our goals or dreams.  When the 3rd chakra is out of balance, we may have poor self-esteem, be overly critical of others, be overly nervous, or we could be dominating, aggressive and extremely competitive

The fire within me burns through all blocks and fears.
I can do whatever I will to do.
Though this chakra is about blazing our way forward, it’s also about letting go – burning away those things/habits/beliefs that we don’t need so that we can create space for those things that will help us with our forward momentum.  What a perfect concept to work with having just experienced the super blood moon.  What do you want to let go of?  What can you release that will allow you the freedom to move forward?  A good yoga posture to do to help us rinse away worries, doubts, fears, etc. (all those things that prevent our forward movement) is parivrtta trikonasana (revolved triangle).  Really, any twisting pose is beneficial, as they help to wring out physical, emotional and mental toxins from our system.  As we twist, we can imagine these things we no longer need being squeezed out and released.

The symbol, or yantra, for the solar plexus chakra is an inverted triangle.  We can imagine this triangle on our bodies with the top side of the triangle at the heart and the bottom tip at our navel (the area of the 3rd chakra).  Our ideas, dreams, goals, etc. start out as a general thought or feeling coming from the heart.  We need to bring this general idea into a one pointed focus toward our power center where we can ignite the flames and do what we need to do to bring this idea into reality.  Meditating on this triangle will help bring this chakra into balance.  Other healing practices include working the core through sit-ups or other vigorous exercise, trying something different and taking risks, or doing anything we are passionate about.  Passionate about dancing?  Check out the tunes below to help bring this solar plexus chakra into balance.  Enjoy!  

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