June 18, 2015


Do you know your magnificence?  Do you know how brilliant you really are?  Can you feel that bright light shining within you?  These are the things that we touch upon as we make our way up to the 7th or the crown chakra.  The crown chakra is a bit different than our other centers as it is the first one that is not located within our bodies.  So, this chakra moves beyond form and is not so much about the physical.  It’s about awareness.  Knowing and feeling that “thing” . . . that spark that is in everyone and everything – it’s the very essence of our being.     

This is the energy center where it all comes together and is often referred to as the Center of Bliss.  It reminds us of our truth, who we are and our inherent nature – happiness, joy, connection, love, bliss!!  Let’s look at some ways to feed our crown chakra to help us remember and come back to this natural state of being.

I KNOW/UNDERSTAND is the phrase associated with the crown chakra.  We are taught early on that someone else knows what is best for us.  We are taught to follow the rules and listen to those who are older/smarter/have power/more experience, etc.  It becomes ingrained in us that we need to search for the answers outside of us.  The crown chakra is encouraging us to find these answers on the inside.  To know and understand that everything we need to know comes from within and essentially these answers that are within us come from above.  So, use this mantra this week to affirm what it is you know or understand about yourself.  Remind yourself that you truly are brilliant and magnificent and one of a kind.  I KNOW ________________ (my power, light, brilliance, etc.)  What do you need to remember?

Because the crown chakra is not physical, it doesn’t require food.  So some ways to enhance it are through fasting, or cleansing & detox diets.  However, we are a physical body which needs food, so some of the food associated with the crown chakra include whole foods in their natural form (the fresher, the better . . . . think of raspberries picked from the bush in your backyard) and white fruits or vegetables (cauliflower, garlic, bananas, leeks, etc.)

So instead of a recipe, this week I will share the cleanse program that I often do.  I try to do a cleanse twice a year and the one that I use is called The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox. “It’s a 12-day herbal cleansing program designed to enhance metabolism and support the liver and intestines to promote proper digestion and eliminate toxins and waste"  I like this cleanse program because you can eat as much as you want!  As long as you are following the guidelines of the eating plan (which I don't find too restrictive).  It also really forces you to be conscious of your food and what you are eating.  In the beginning I would always use the herbs when I did the cleanse.  Now, I often only buy the kit and use the herbs maybe every 2 years and the other times, I just follow the food rules.  It was really intense the first time I did it, but over the years my eating has tended to line up a lot with the plan and though I still see benefits every time I do it, it’s not as much as an intense clean out as it was the first time around.

The best thing to bring the crown chakra into balance is meditation.  Meditation allows us to get in touch with ourselves and come into that knowingness and remembering of who we are.  It can be a difficult practice to make time for and stick with as it is the total opposite of what we are used to doing.  So, I challenge you over the next week to clear just 10 minutes in your day to sit down for a meditation practice.  Not sure what to do?  We’re currently in the middle of a 5 week meditation challenge/workshop.  Click the “meditation series” tab at the top of the page to get directions for some of the meditations we have been doing together in class.

Have a wonderful week or knowing your brilliance, experiencing your magnificence and shining your light!

See you on our mats,


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