June 25, 2015

Now Go Shine!

We've come to the end of our chakra journey together - for now : )  The series of chakra classes will be taking a break over the summer.  It's time for you to go out and shine your light and go outside to enjoy the abundance of light and warmth!!  I will still be teaching various flow, gentle, yin and possibly some outdoor pop up classes over the next couple of months, so keep checking back either here or on the Facebook page to see my schedule.  

June 18, 2015


Do you know your magnificence?  Do you know how brilliant you really are?  Can you feel that bright light shining within you?  These are the things that we touch upon as we make our way up to the 7th or the crown chakra.  The crown chakra is a bit different than our other centers as it is the first one that is not located within our bodies.  So, this chakra moves beyond form and is not so much about the physical.  It’s about awareness.  Knowing and feeling that “thing” . . . that spark that is in everyone and everything – it’s the very essence of our being.     

June 11, 2015


We’ve come to a place in our journey where turning inwards is the key.  Last time with the throat chakra, we spent part of our time turning in to deeply listen to what our heart had to say, and the other part expressing out this truth that we learned.  With the third eye chakra we get ready to settle in and discover our inner world.  While the throat chakra was about finding our inner sounds, the third eye is more about inner seeing and the pictures, colors, visions, images, words, etc that are created in our mind.  Our mind is what is focused on in this energy center.  While the other chakras worked in some way with the body and were associated with various body parts or organs, the third eye starts to move away from the physical and is all about the workings of the mind.  Working with our thoughts (and trying to sort through the thoughts that are actually ours and those that come from other people) and creating a vision of what we want our life to look like (instead of allowing these pictures to develop unconsciously) is what the third eye chakra is all about.

June 04, 2015


As we learned last time, the heart chakra is where all our answers to any question we may have lie.  The fifth chakra, or throat chakra is about accessing this information.  It’s the place where we discover what is on the inside, so we can express it out to the outside world.  The throat chakra is in charge of communication, and often when we think about communication, we are focused on the words we are expressing out.  But, a large part of this energy center is being still and silent and listening deeply to weed through the voices and sounds that are inside us to discover which ones are truly ours (our own personal truth) and which ones have been put in there by other people.  The following are a few ways to feed our throat chakra in order to help us find that stillness and allow us to access our inner sounds.