January 01, 2015

I Am Open

Welcome 2015 and welcome to my online space - one of my projects for the new year.  I stopped making New Year's resolutions a few years ago during a particularly tough emotional time where I looked back and realized I was setting resolutions based on what I thought I "should" be accomplishing.  When I got to the end of the year, I didn't have these things and it made me feel like somewhat of a failure.  I realize now that I wasn't basing my goals on what it was I truly wanted, and as I didn't really know at the time what it was I really wanted for my life, I came up with a word to set the tone for my year.  This seemed to work for me, and I've been coming up with words or phrases for each upcoming year ever since.  It wasn't until now that I realize that I was coming up with my own personal mantra, or intention, for the year.

I am open is my mantra for 2015, and it is how this blog has come to be.  With three new chakra series coming up, I had the thought to have a space where I could share information about the chakras that we are working on in class.  I was open to this idea, decided to go with it, and the rest of my site seemed to evolve from there.  I am by no means an expert, and am often learning more with each series I teach.  The plan is to share a couple of posts a week during the series relating to the specific chakra we are working on.  Keep checking back to find out more information : )

For those of you who are in the Medicine Hat area and are interested in what it is I do, Saturday January 4 is a day of freebies!!  You can find me at:
  • Blue Butterfly Yoga & Pilates Centre for their Free Yoga day.  I will be sharing a Chakra Yoga class at 11:00.  Other events include free yoga classes from 9:30-12:00, door prizes and discounts on upcoming classes.
  • Yoga You4ia Power Yoga Studio for their 2nd Year Anniversary celebration.  I will be doing mini Reiki treatments from 12:00-2:00 and sharing a Chakra Yoga class at 2:30. There will also be free yoga classes from 9:15-3:45, discounts on classes and merchandise, and a few other vendors, events, and freebies happening throughout the day.   


  1. I like your resolution... I am open. A resolution is something we can accomplish by making steps that we can achieve our resolution. As I grow older I welcome into my life things that will make me a better person for myself and others.

    1. Thanks for sharing Carol : ) I think we should all follow your lead and make sure we are welcoming in things that make us better which will benefit all the people around us.