"Helped bring awareness to areas of myself that I didn't realize needed more awareness" - JH

"Gentle, calm & inspiring - always felt safely challenged" - BM

"Your voice is so soothing.  I totally loose all my stresses during your class.  Class is so very therapeutic" -DI

"You're an amazing, genuine instructor!  Thank you for taking the time with each of us.  I liked the interpersonal connections.  Keep it up!!" - CM

"You are so positive.  I love that!" -BS

"Your voice is soothing" -ND

"Love your energy!  It puts me at ease and I look forward to every class.  Thank You!" - TK

"Excellent knowledge and adjustments"  - BK

"I especially enjoyed your hands on with each of us in each class." - BS

"I always felt better after each class"- MK

"I loved your soft tone.  I loved the adjustments - they helped me relax.  The instruction was so clear for me.  I also loved the explanations and representations of each chakra." - RD