April 03, 2021

Sutra 2.12: Egg-sactly

Sadhana Pada: Yoga in Action (Experience the Now)

    2.12 Klesa mulah karmasayah drsta adrsta janma vedaniyah 
    • klesa = afflictions / obstacles / burdens
    • mulah = root / origin / source
    • karmasayah = womb of karma / repository of karma
      • karma = actions
      • asayah = womb / repository / resting place
    • drsta = seen / visible
    • adrsta = unseen / not visible
    • janma = life / birth
    • vedaniyah = to be experienced / to be known

The more I study the sutras, the more I am coming to understand that EVERYTHING is MENTAL!! Often when we start to practice yoga (or asana) in the west, it's for physical reasons, but many times the transformative effects of our practice turn out to be mental. This sutra, once again, talks about the mental effects, benefits and consequences of using our practice for "mind control"

Sutra 2.12 references karmasayah which is translated as the "womb of karma" This is an internal space which holds our past and present thoughts, desires, judgements, reactions, etc. Yoga (and science) tell us that everything is in motion, and everything needs to move. Now, think about all of these mental impressions held in the karmasayah as either a seed or an egg (might as well use an Easter reference during Easter!) They can only be held in the womb for so long. At some point each of these eggs must move and will hatch in some form or another (whether sooner or later). So, what you're experiencing in your life right now is the result of a seed that was planted or an egg that was created in the past in order to bloom or hatch here in the present. This idea can be either empowering or terrifying . . . . what is present for me now is what I created from the thoughts/impressions I held in my mind in the past! 😮 To further add to this, this sutra serves as a type of alert or awareness system. Remember the klesas from the past few sutras (misperception, egoism, attachment, aversion, fear)? What effect do you think unintentionally planting these seeds has?

I've been learning that having the understanding of something is one thing, but to really have a KNOWING of it is another thing completely. We'll continue the idea of yoga as a mental practice next week, so for now can you start with understanding the idea of this sutra? I challenge you to journal and write your thoughts out. Where are you in life right now? Can you see the thoughts or attitudes you had in the past that led you here? What about with a significant or transformative period in your life . . . . what mental impressions might have been planted prior to this? What things are you aware of that are being stored in your mental space right now and are they things that may be helpful or unhelpful for the future you?

Contemplating deep thoughts can sometimes be really serious, but . . . is there a way you can make this about curiosity or even playfulness? Happy thinking and bringing awareness-ing!    

Sutra 2.12 The womb of action is rooted in obstacles which 
brings about seen and unseen experiences in life.

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