April 07, 2017

Yoga Nidra for Single Pointed Focus

Ajna, or the third eye chakra, was the energy centre that we worked with in classes this week. As you can see from the symbol for this centre, there are two sides. In our dualistic world, there are often two sides to everything we experience - night & day, cold & hot, woman & man, two sides to a story. We concentrated on the dualistic nature of the body and mind. The left side of the body is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain which is the imaginative, creative, intuitive, feeling side. On the opposite extreme is the right side of the body controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain which is the logical, analytical, fact based, thinking side. Two very different ways of perceiving and experiencing the world, but both sides are equally valuable and equally needed.  

Ajna is about brining these opposite extremes together - recognizing the value in both - in order to walk the middle path. One is not better, one is not more valuable. They are two sides of the same thing. This week's yoga nidra will compliment what we did in class. The third eye stresses a single pointed focus, and two sides often have a single common goal. Both sides are often moving in the same direction. By focusing our awareness on one thing, we're continuing to work on bringing two sides together.  

Enjoy & have a great weekend ❤️ 

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