September 15, 2015

Solid Ground

This week we're focusing on the root chakra or Muladhara (root centre).  The symbol (yantra) for the root chakra is a square.  Think about how solid and stable a square is.  Squares provide strong, secure foundations from which we can grow.  We want our foundation to be solid, secure and supportive so that we can rise higher.  For us in our physical bodies, this means feeling secure in all aspects of our life - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships, career, etc.  So when Muladhara is out of balance we may feel fearful and anxious, disconnected, unstable, weak, etc.  We don't have that feeling of stability and security in ourselves to move forward.

I am grounded.  I am supported.
Ironically, the best thing we can do when we are feeling out of balance in this chakra is to just stop and let go.  The root chakra is not the area where we charge ahead and try to change our circumstances.  The root chakra is about yielding, surrendering and knowing that we have that strong support whether we mentally recognize it our not.  A good asana (yoga posture) to do to help strengthen the root chakra is balasana (child's pose). This posture helps to calm the mind and is a type of deep surrendering.  We are sinking into the earth and letting her support us.

Earth is the element associated with muladhara.  So again, this chakra is about being grounded, feeling the solidness and power of our physical bodies and being supported.  The earth provides us with everything we need for our physical existence, we just have to trust that we will always be provided for.

Other healing practices we can do to balance this chakra include doing physical activities - perfect excuse to come to a yoga class :) - getting a massage, and/or spending more time out in nature.  For me, I can connect with the different chakras through music.  I am including a playlist of some of the songs I am using, or have used in past classes for the root chakra.  Have anything to add?  I'm always on the hunt for new music!

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