February 20, 2015

I Am Divine

He who knows others is wise, but he who knows himself is enlightenedLao Tzu 

As mentioned in the last post, our society and culture seems to be based on the concept that someone or something outside of ourselves knows what is best for us.  We rely on our society to tell us how to behave, on our government to tell us what rules we should follow, on our religion to tell us how to be moral, on corporations to tell us what to buy, on our doctors to tell us what medical treatment we should follow, on our friends and family to tell us what path we should take in life, etc.  I’m not proposing that we chuck everything and allow a free for all.  What I’m trying to illustrate is how maybe the decisions we think we are making for ourselves are actually decisions that are based on how we are told we “should” be living.  Have we really taken the time to get to know ourselves, to know who we are and what is best for us?  Or, is it easier to let those things and people outside of us tell us who we are and answer these questions for us?

The basic right for the crown chakra is The Right to Know.  It’s about knowing the truth, acquiring knowledge, and gaining access to accurate information.  But ultimately, it’s about connecting with the divine in our own way to truly know on a level that resonates throughout our whole being that we are perfect and we are connected to all things.  It is so simple, yet so difficult to understand from our western perspective.  Really, there is nothing we need to do to get here.  We already know it.  We are already there.  Ask a young child how amazing they are, and they will let you know that they are more amazing then you even know.  Ask them if they are perfect, and they will let you know there is nothing they need to change, as they are more than perfect.  We came into this world knowing that we are amazing, and we are perfect because we are a part of the divine.  The problem is, as we grew there was no shortage of people, groups and things with their own agendas (whether conscious or not) that constantly told us we were not perfect.  Unfortunately, we believed them.  We also grew up in a time and into a society that tells us that we need to understand everything from a mental perspective.  If we can’t physically prove it, then it has no validity.  Again, we just believed it. 

This brings us to the demon of Sahasrara which is attachment.  Attachment prevents us from reaching this knowing of who we really are.  Attachment and letting go can be a difficult concept to understand and practice.  When I was involved in a Vipassana retreat, a few of the other participants and myself were discussing attachment and how to let go.  For most of us, the idea of letting go of our attachment to things didn’t seem too hard, but the idea of letting go of our attachment to family relationships was another issue.  I may have it wrong, but maybe we were mistakenly associating the idea of letting go of our attachment to family as letting go of our love for our families.  My husband and I have very different interests.  We have created a relationship where in some aspects I have my own life, he has his own life, but then we also have this life that we’ve created together.  At various points, one or both of us go off in our separate directions to do “our thing,” but we always come back to this shared life.  We each give the other person the freedom to do what they need to do, knowing that this relationship we’ve created together is always there.  Maybe this is the key to overcoming some of our attachments.  Knowing that we can do what we need to do, and when we come back we will still have exactly what we need.

Attachment fixates our energy outside the Self.  Rather than focus on the object of attachment . . . . we should redirect the psychic energy to the SelfAnodea Judith.  Working with the crown chakra involves an individual as opposed to a group type of energy.  Spiritual or soul work, while it can sometimes be beneficial to have the support of a group is in the end an individual endeavor.  A key to working with this center is meditation and awareness.  We can have moment-by-moment awareness and possibly bring ourselves into a constant state of meditation when we concentrate on living in the present moment.  It is in the present moment that we let go of our fears, concerns, worries, anxiety and just notice what is happening now.  We allow ourselves to marvel at the wonder of what is before us now, noticing the smallest details that we may have passed by before.  In this space we can start to recognize the magic in the small things around us, and maybe . . . . just maybe we will begin to notice that this spark that begins to appear in all of those things around us is the exact same spark as the one that is residing within us.  So, my challenge for you over the next week is to be in this present moment.  Find the wonder and awe that is before you right now.

Be the light and shine out,

I’m going to end this post, and this series with a beautiful video by Nahko Bear . . . remember, “you are a miracle made up of particles”

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