January 22, 2015

Let's Do This

 The third chakra or Manipura, is where our ego identity is developed.  If we are strong in this energy center, most likely we have a clear vision or purpose for our lives.  We’ve traveled through the root chakra developing our foundation and support system, been through the emotional turmoil of the sacral chakra to identify our likes, what feels good and starting to see who we are, so now it is time for us to express out to the world this uniqueness that we are starting to discover. 

The basic right for this chakra is The Right to Act.  To go along with this right is The Right to Be Free and to be an individual with choices.  Again, a simple concept but is something that can be difficult for many people.  Not only do we have to sometimes find the courage to overcome our fears in order to take actions and step into the direction we would like to go, but sometimes there may be a glimmer of doubt in the back of our mind wondering if we are doing the right thing or why we are even planning to take that action in the first place. 

Many people do not awaken this chakra at all, and spend their whole lives following the path of least resistance, giving their power to others, and defining themselves in terms of what is expected”, Anodea Judith.  I am a bit ashamed to admit (and we will get to shame in a minute) that for the majority of my life, this has been me.  I have blindly followed the script of what my life was supposed to look like, but for the most part I have been lucky as it has worked out pretty well.  But when I hit a bump in the road, and I was forced into a position where I would be a little bit different than that script, I started to question my reasons for doing things.  I was taking action to go in a certain direction, but was I free?  Where my actions taken in order to benefit me and who I am, or where they taken to please others? 

The demon for this chakra that prevents us from acting and being free is shame.  With shame, we feel there is something wrong with who we are.  “I am not good enough”, or “I am not worthy” are classic examples of shame that may prevent us from taking action.  Where do these ideas come from?  Why do these thoughts often seem to have so much more power over us than the thoughts “I AM good enough” or “I AM worthy of all I have and more.”  Unfortunately, these feelings of shame tend to paralyze us and prevent us from taking action and moving forward.

I think the key (and again a simple concept, but one that can be really difficult) is to just go for it!  Be bold and just do it.  I was talking to a student this past week who is going through this chakra journey for a second time.  During the first go round, they got to the third chakra and had a lot of difficulties with that class.  Turns out they were so frustrated that they considered not coming back.  Fortunately, they did show up to do work in the heart center (which is more gentle and forgiving).  They came to the third chakra class this time around possibly with a bit of dread, and possibly with the thought that they could just skip it.  But, they DID come.  They took the action and found that it was just a little bit easier this time.  So take action, see what happens and then go back to the feeling/emotional aspect of the second chakra.  How did this action feel?  Did it feel good for me and like something that I wanted to do (and want to do more of), or did it not feel good and did it feel like I only did it because I thought I should?

Instead of ending with a yoga pose, this time we are going to work with a mudra.  Mudras are hand actions that direct energies to certain areas of our bodies or minds.  Let’s work with Rudra Mudra.  To create this mudra, place the tips of the thumb, index and ring finger together, while letting the other fingers relax.  Do this with both hands and then either start to come to a few deep breaths, or come into Savitri breathing (breath in for 6, hold for 3, breath out for 6 and hold for 3).  Rudra is another name for Shiva who is known as the destroyer that clears our path to our highest potential.  This particular mudra is used for energizing the body and getting us ready to get out there and do things.  Allow your mind to settle, your body to energize and know that whatever you have to offer is worth it!  You are worth it!

Be bold, take risks and don’t be ashamed to be you,


  1. Chakra has definitely made me take time to reflect. Manipua.....I envision the sun; fire and yellow. I had difficulty thinking of what my passions really were. It was easier to think of things that fire me up in a negative way or don't fire me up at all. On pondering all of this and without writing what I think I should write, these are truly my passions: nature, voice lessons and singing, yoga, laughing,surrounded by positive energy. I love the song Follow the Sun and listened again to Song of the Wind. Both songs stirred my inner soul and spoke to me.

    1. Thanks for sharing Carol. I agree that for some reason sometimes it's difficult to figure out what are passions are. I'm sure we always know what they are, but maybe we have the mindset that this shouldn't be our passion, or we can't "do" anything with them, so we should find something more "practical." My passions were always right in front of me, but it took me a long time to first really notice and acknowledge them and then have the courage (as well as the support) to say screw it . . . . . I'm just going to live my passions and see where it takes me!